Process Overview

The following describes the series of steps that you will go through in taking a test. For information on a particular step, click on one of the steps.

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  • Test Selection
    • You can only take one test at a time.
    • Some tests will have multiple versions from which to choose.
    • Tests are not timed.
  • Taking your test
    • There is only one correct answer per question.
    • You can only mark one answer.
    • Once you click the Submit Test button, you will not be able to change your answers.
    • You will receive immediate feedback as to the correct answer once you click the Submit Test button.
    • You will receive an explanation as to how the correct answer is derived.
  • Interpreting your results
    • At the conclusion of your test, your results will appear in the form of a raw score (e.g., 12 questions answered correctly out of 15 total questions) and percentage (e.g., 80%).
    • You should interpret these scores as measures of your general proficiency in the test subject area.
    • You may review any of the questions on the test from the results page.